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quotes of the _____

ladies & gentlemen, your all-time saddest, most pathetic, "aww, you poor simple bastard" chatfart
ever to bubble up through the bathwater:

<BiosLogos> I still find it hard to believe people genuinely think I'm stupid.

(awww, innit cute?)

honorary mention

<tippit> there are bankers who live in modern castles in exotic locales who eat shrimp and crab, and little children. that's real life.

<ExNihilo> i was referred to as "air jesus" on the basketball court, for a while
<ExNihilo> i was that good.

<delirina> Neff, mormons believe dark skinned people, ie the native americans, were evil.
<Neff> delirina: no that was the black people

<yoimsegue> fayola: in the late 80's a solaris box was my first experience using rlogin/talk to bother a foreigner using the internet.
<starbomba> solaris didn't exist in the late 80s, dumbfuck, it was created to supersede sunOS in 1993

<tippit> i scored 1530 on SAT, pre-SAT inflation. i scored a 38 on the ACT. i scored 99 on ASVAB. i was labeled "gifted"
-!- tippit was kicked from #philosophy by voltaire [blasphemy: the act only goes to 36 you fucking retard]


pic of the _____ - analcorn got his wish


i got on tinychat and on cam for anachron and he flaked... click for screen



bitch please

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